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Honoring the legacy. 

sharing our message

Thank you to the local publications that have generously helped us give voice to our message.  If you are interested in supporting the garden by featuring us in an article or blog, please contact us.  Below are our most recent publications. Enjoy the great reads!


The Loop: Summer 2020

Jackson's Garden

A great article about the history of the garden and it's purpose today. Published in the summer edition of The Loop by the Madisonian. Written by Hannah Kearse.

The Loop; 2018

Jackson's Garden:

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

A lovely article about Jackson's Garden's past, present and future. Published by the summer edition of The Loop, by the Madisonian.  Written by Geoff Hamill.  

Jacksons Garden Press Zone 4 Magazine

Zone 4 Magazine; 2013

Where sharing abundance is second nature. 

The summer edition of Zone 4 magazine includes a marvelous article about Jackson's Garden written by Rilla Esbjornson with many beautiful photos of the Garden taken by Beth Bridgers Johns. 

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