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Paul Marsh

Born and raised in Sheridan, Paul graduated from Sheridan High School and attended Montana State University from 1965-1969. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 1969, and spent 5 years as a helicopter pilot & Viet Nam veteran.  He returned to Montana in 1975 and completed a BS-Business degree at MSU. He worked for State Farm Insurance Companies for 25 years, and retired back home with his wife, Carla, in 2003.  Paul has been a staple at Jackson's Garden for many years now! 


Kathy Shepherd

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah  I moved to Sheridan seventeen years ago with my husband after both of us retired from law enforcement careers.  Through my friendship with Paul & Carla Marsh, I quickly learned about this lovely space and knew I wanted to be a part of making sure it is viable for years to come.  I am an anomaly on the Board, as I do not grow vegetables or flowers, although I love both.  As our Event and Fundraising Chair, I have the enjoyable task of planning and catering for our events.  My greatest pleasure is seeing people supporting and enjoying this beautiful space.

Vice President

Carla Marsh

Born and raised in Oregon, I retired to Montana with my husband, and tireless garden member, Paul, where he grew up. Here, we can indulge our love for flower gardening on a large scale! Les and Betty worked side by side to create this beautiful space, and I enjoy doing the same with my husband and fellow members and friends. I believe in cultivating the legacy of Les & Betty by keep the garden open for all to enjoy. 


Sandra Roberts

Another transplant to Montana since 2012.  I am proof that you don’t have to know anything about gardening to join Jackson’s Garden.   I am having so much fun while learning about gardening, getting exercise and making friends.   Come join us!


Linda Day

When I first met Betty and Bing Jackson, they welcomed me into their stunning garden. With a big smile, they told me they shared everything. "Take one, leave one," they said.  I am part of this garden today because of my loyalty to our old teacher, Mr. J, but also because of my hope that I can pass on Betty and Bing's philosophy; a passion for growing, respect for the earth, and love for my fellow man.

Committee Chair

Claire Leonard

I am a newcomer to the Sheridan area, and Jackson's Garden community. I live in Virginia City, where I moved from New Mexico in 2012.  I have the great fortune, however, to meet and thank Bing for his priceless contribution to the beauty and health of our community before he passed.  I have been a gardener since childhood, where my father had a 'Victory Garden' during World War II. I have grown in many different regions and climates.  I enjoy cooking new foods, eating healthy, and all types of food preservation!

Committee Chair

Kimberly Taylor

A native Ohioan, I came to Sheridan in 2017. Looking for ways to be a part of the community, I was introduced to Jackson’s Garden. Here at the garden I was not only in a situation to get to know some amazing people, I was able to get to know Montana through getting my hands into her earth. I feel so privileged to be a part of this wonderful community and state. Thank you, Sheridan, for welcoming me in. 

Committee Chair

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