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kid's activities

Below are our fun DIY kid's activities that all are welcome to enjoy at the garden. These scavenger hunts are posted on the entrance gate off the parking lot, as well as on the nature trail at the playground. If you'd like to download to use for yourself, please do!

Hunt for Hearts JG.png

Hunt for Hearts!

Starting Saturday, Feb. 15th through March, littles can come down and hunt for rocks with hearts painted on them! Hunt the rocks then hide them again for the next kiddo. There are enough hearts for each child to take home a rock. Enjoy!

Basic scavenger HuntScavenger Hunts.png


Scavenger Hunt

This is a basic hunt for young children to follow. All pictures are things that can be found in the garden, and possibly at your home too!

Basic scavenger Hunt copyScavenger Hunts


Sensory Hunt

This is a simple sensory hunt young children to enjoy in the winter. How easily we forget the excitement in feeling the wind on our cheeks, or smelling sap from a tree. Enjoy!

Artboard 2Scavenger Hunts.png


Scavenger Hunt

This hunt is for older kids that can read and follow along. A little more difficult, with lots to explore in their environments!

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